28+ Gorgeous Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas You Should Know

As a homeowner, you have certain expectations about how you want your home to look and feel, but often times it can be tricky to get it all to come together.  If you need a quick guide to help you transform your space for the better, try this Scandinavian interior design style.

This is a specific kind of design with roots in Sweden and it focuses on combining a white base with everything arranged just-so.  Nothing is out of place, and it creates a put-together look with clean lines.

The best Scandinavian design is that which uses a neutral white base, as mentioned, and then makes it all pop with one or two carefully selected accent pieces such as pillows or throws.

All of these should be selective and all of the same colour and tone.  It completes the look effortlessly and really transforms any space.

Scandinavian interior design is all about making sure that you are putting together a room that reflects light and colour and sophistication, all whilst making sure that you dedicate the time to other important parts of your world.  Essentially,  if you want something that is simplistic and easy to maintain and care for, than Scandinavian interior design is certainly going to appeal to you in more ways than one.

To help you understand more about this kind of thing, let’s take a look at some of the best Scandinavian design options out there and you can tweak them to suit your own needs.  Remember that it is your home, so you need to make sure it looks exactly as you want it to when it comes to the final result.  If it doesn’t, change it up until it makes sense to you and all that you are going to be looking for.


what is a scandinavian interior design

Generally, those who use this kinds of design patterns enjoy focusing on flooring that is light in colour and made from some kind of natural wood grain.  This is all about reflecting any kind of light that comes in your windows (big or small as they may be).  If you want to soften the room up, add a rug something else in quiet and muted colours.  This is a fantastic way to start out your new and exciting Scandinavian living room design.

Scandinavian Clean Architecture Lines

vintage scandinavian interior design

The most important to remember when you are putting together the best Scandinavian design is that everything must serve a purpose.  Your decor should be minimal and use muted colours or, allow them to be earth tone. Key the ornamentation to a minimum and allow your pieces to speak for themselves

Scandinavian Elegant Mild Fixtures

urban scandinavian interior design

When you’re creating a Scandinavian kitchen design, you know that lighting is essential.  When you pick out the fixtures, try to create statement pieces with your light fixtures, sticking to the reminder that functionality should always win in terms of the main fixture and focus point options.  If you aren’t sure with what feels right, you need to go for “one off” designs and make them work in your design.

Scandinavian Layers and Textures

scandinavian themed interior design

When you’re creating a memorable Scandinavian living room design, you’ve got the cool colours and minimalist decor, but you need to also focus on the idea of inviting comfort and texture, too.  Combine texture and layers together in printed throws and pillows.  These add statements to the minimalist decor and give you the textures and layers that you’re looking for.  When in doubt, go with solid coloured throws that are warm and made from silky smoother material for those cool winter days.


scandinavian style interior design bedroom

As we’ve already talked about, the part that makes this kind of decor so classic and fun is the neutral shades of it.  When you are creating Scandinavian kitchen design, it might be hard to figure out how that works, but it all comes down to seeing that you are moving through the shade options the right way.

Firstly start with a light shade on the walls to reflect the light, and pair it with the light floor (as mentioned).  Then, you use neutral appliances in stainless steel (make sure they match), then you build up a wood based or light coloured countertop.  From there, you can improvise a little more.  Consider keeping the counters clutter-free.  When you need to use the counter tops, keep everything with the same clean lines that you use in the rest of the room.

This will give you the most memorable beneficial room that fits perfectly into the Scandinavian design catalogue.


scandinavian retro interior design

Whether you’ve got your heart set on Scandinavian living room design,  Scandinavian kitchen design, or  Scandinavian bedroom design, the main two rules are going to be the same all the way through: keep everything as simple as possible so that the eye doesn’t see any kind of elaborate designs or catch on anything that seems too over the top.


scandinavian modern interior design definition

Typically, those who use Scandinavian design are very forward in their thinking, especially when it comes to the green living option.  As such, being free from needless clutter and using natural wood and other essentials is a great way to bring out this theme in an honest way.  This is a great way, too, to introduce you to the idea of being connected to something bigger than yourself.


scandinavian minimalist interior design singapore

Wood based furniture is absolutely the way to go with Scandinavian bedroom design (as well as other rooms, too).  Since your bedroom is where your furniture will be the most evident, make sure that it is all wood based and simplistic.  These should be practical and simple and well-made.  You can add in some pattern if you want when it comes to pillows and a comforter, but make sure that you keep it neutral and simple.


scandinavian log cabin interior design

If you are struggling to find something to put on the wall and you don’t have any artwork that falls in line with the idea of  Scandinavian design, than try a mirror (or multiple).  This stays with the theme of stability and comfort and it’s all about the idea of reflecting even more light than you would have thought.  An easy fix to the bare wall problem.

Pure Scandinavian Design

scandinavian loft interior design

Going with all things natural is fantastic, especially when you’re looking at  Scandinavian bedroom design or living room design.  You’ll be able to help throw in wood grains, light, bright and fresh look, minimalist design, warm textures and a lot more.

It’s all about going with all things natural and using this to give your home an unmistakable ecological feel to it.  It should be about finding a way to bring the outdoors, indoors in a comfortable and still modern way that works for you and your quality of life.

Traditional and Fashionable Scandinavian Mixture

scandinavian japanese interior design

The reason that  Scandinavian design is so versatile and effective in every home that it can be done so many different wants and look fantastic each time.  The best way to really make the most out of this kind of attitude and look is for you to make sure that you dedicate attention to making sure that you design your room to have equal parts historical and classic looks, and modern touches here and there.  All of this will be done in muted colours and schemes and it’ll create a very put together look.

The Energy of Shades

scandinavian interior house design

If you are interested in Scandinavian decor but you want to figure out how you can make it work with a little more colour, all you need to do is make sure that you combine your love of colour with a neutral spot.  That is, embrace the world of shading.  You can make black and grey and white and charcoal and use them all in the same space.  It’ll be a way for you to really make use out of  Scandinavian design, but you’ll still get your love for colour into the mix, too.

Pure and Elegant

scandinavian interior home design

When you are putting your room together, really play up to the natural features.  Don’t block the windows, for one.  Allow the light to come in and rebound off of the room and light everything up perfectly to create the right kind of feeling.  Keep the accessories in the same natural wood grains and neutral colours and this will all come together to create an amazing look.


The bottom line with Scandinavian interior decor is that it offers you a chance to really explore the potential that comes from something that really is simple to create.  When you put pieces together and you create a collection of amazing furniture and a simplistic look, you’ll be granted with a decor scheme that is going to impress people and really make your room (and home) look put-together.

Plus, it’ll be different from anything they’ve ever seen before, so you’ll be able to dedicate some time and attention to showing it off and explaining to everyone how you made this all come together with an expert hand.

Other Scandinavian Bonus Designs

For your information, you can check these interior design ideas and other ideas at our Pinterest profile too. Enjoy it.

Gray Scandinavian Residing Room

scandinavian interior design wood

Scandinavian Lounge

scandinavian interior design wiki

This Scandinavian area mixes issues up with decor — repurposing a ladder for rack, and caged pendant for a desk mild.

Leather-based Couch for Residing Room

scandinavian interior design white

A superb leather-based couch can take you a good distance. This dwelling and eating room additionally present how a settee can simply turn out to be a focus.

Elegant Kitchen and Eating Room

scandinavian interior design what is

Half-nordic, part-nautical. This refurbished kitchen and eating area appears to return straight from the Scandinavian coast.

Contemporary Scandinavian Pure Mild

scandinavian interior design websites

A number of vegetation, a fuzzy blanket, and ample pure mild — perfection of scandinavian inside design.

Stuffed with Mild

scandinavian interior design wallpaper

Rattan chairs and a wicker pendant mild infuse a little bit of the tropics into this Scandinavian inside.

Semi-spa Scandinavian Restroom

scandinavian interior design videos

This spa-like rest room takes a web page from Swedish bathhouses whereas embracing Feng Shui design concepts.

Black and Tan

scandinavian interior design uk

Black and tan pair completely in Scandinavian inside type. The black completes the look on shiny cabinetry.

Shiny Lounge Scandinavian Type

scandinavian interior design tv console

This well-accented spot appears to the proper place to spend a day.

Shiny Thoughts

scandinavian interior design tumblr

Or this quirky library, full with parquet-style flooring.

Stuffed with Mild Kitchen

scandinavian interior design trends 2015

This contemporary Scandinavian kitchen will get a dose of colour from barely unconventional eating room chairs.

Merely Desk Desk

scandinavian interior design trends

From an unused nook to a sweet-but-simple desk area. Mild, untreated wooden speaks to the Scandinavian type that has been widespread for hundreds of years.

Fashionable Scandinavian Restroom

scandinavian interior design toronto

Classic taps and trendy counter tops create a singular look, whereas the colour scheme assures the timelessness of the type.

Scandinavian Comfy Bed room

scandinavian interior design toilet

An unconventional bed room finds its peace with impartial colours and intentional equipment.

Considered one of The Favorites

scandinavian interior design tips

Considered one of our favorites, this house oozes with consolation, wearing a cascading colour palette from the kitchen to the lounge.

Scandinavian Restaurant

scandinavian interior design theory

The elegant look of scandinavian design just isn’t solely appropriate for house, but in addition restaurant although.

Black and White Scandinavian Kitchen

scandinavian interior design sydney

The subway tiles that may typically be present in Scandinavian-style kitchens accent the black and white colour scheme. A picket working floor additionally makes for a typical accent you can find in Nordic-style interiors.

10 Further Scandinavian Interior Designs for You

Scandinavian Residence

scandinavian interior design style definition

scandinavian interior design style

scandinavian interior design store

Colourful Scandinavian Residence

scandinavian interior design small spaces

scandinavian interior design small apartment

scandinavian interior design singapore hdb

Scandinavian Residence Design

scandinavian interior design singapore

The sunshine picket flooring showcase the wooden’s pure texture and sample.

Scandinavian Design for Small Residence

scandinavian interior design shop

Discovered on Freshome this intelligent design divides the dwelling space from the sleeping one with a half wall that doubles as a headboard.

Greatest Easy Kitchen and Eating Space (Scandinavian Model)

scandinavian interior design sg

Discovered on DesignRulz this small eating space match into the kitchen nook seems extra cute than cramped. The white colour scheme helps to visually improve the area.

Scandinavian Interior – Costly Residing Room

scandinavian interior design school

Cream Scandinavian Bedroom

scandinavian interior design rules

Scandinavian Interior Fashionable Design

scandinavian interior design renotalk

Scandinavian Decor Thought

scandinavian interior design reddit

Good Scandinavian Small Residence Design Thought

scandinavian interior design qanvast

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