17+ Simple Bathroom Storage That Does Not Look Boring

A bathroom tends to look boring, and it seems hard to imagine how we can enhance it. But with the right set of simple bathroom storage, it will look more beautiful and interesting. These are 20 ideas of how you can make it more amazing.


Floating shelves on top of the toilet make a good space for toilet paper storage, scented candles, or soaps and shampoos.

Got an empty space beside the toilet? Put shelves there for towels and toilet papers storage.

If a full cupboard looks too big, build small shelves around your toilet instead.

Floating shelves by the bathroom vanity will keep your skincare and makeup neat.

You can also hang a rack by your bathtub to keep all your toiletries.

Add floating shelves above the toilet to keep your toilet paper and toiletries.

Simple shelves make a good towel storage area.

Add some open boxes to organize your toiletries, toilet papers, skincare, or makeup products.

If you love rustic natural theme, create shelves using old woods and add a glass door.

Another sample of saving space and enhance the look of your toilet.

Floating wooden shelves provide a more natural look to your bathroom.

Adding a floating rack with hanging bar is a great way to keep all your toiletries neat.

An open rack can be a great alternative to store your toiletries, but be careful not to knock everything down!

Utilize your corner area in the shower as a storage space for your soaps and shampoos.

Metal floating shelves in a marble bathroom will give your bathroom a classic look.

Adding small buckets and hang them in the railing by your bathroom vanity is a great way to create cheap and simple bathroom storage.

Put a ladder to hang your towels on top of your toilet.

Wooden boxed-shelves on top of your bathroom sink makes it easier for you to take and use your skincare.

A tall cupboard has always been favorite simple bathroom storage.

Roll old fold your towel neatly, and hang them on floating wooden shelves. It looks classic!

A bathroom can look amazing too if you incorporate the right decoration and furniture. Use unique simple bathroom storage like those in the images above for a more interesting space!

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