17+ Simple Bedroom Storage for People with Artistic Soul

Being organized doesn’t always mean boring, especially if you add a pinch of creativity in it. Incorporating some simple bedroom storage will not only make your room organized but also more artistic. If you don’t know how, these 20 pictures will inspire you.


A plain wall will look more interesting with handles to hang your clothes or shoes.

Hooks and metal bars are often treated as additional elements. Here, they become the main fixtures on the wall. Using a bright solid color as the background makes them more interesting. You can use them to hang shoes, ties, belts, and clothes.

Instead of leaving your bedpost empty, change it into a bookcase.

This bookshelf was constructed on the bunk bedpost, creating multiple storage spaces for the books. The room has a space-efficient design, with another shelving unit as the headboard. You can also use this design for an RV.

Black asymmetric drawers in a white background provide an elegant and artistic look to your room.

This cabinet has an asymmetrical shape, with multiple drawers to maximize its storage capacity. The asymmetrical shape provides enough space for various wall displays with different heights.

Put a chest of drawers beside your bed. It functions as a bedside table as well as simple bedroom storage.

Skip the bedside table in favor of a chest drawer. It saves more space if your bedroom is small, and you get extra storage space. Place a lamp on it and save your goods in the drawer.

A platform bed looks modern and can double as storage space by adding simple drawers.

A platform bed is comfortable and practical. You can store extra pieces of stuff underneath, including additional storage space. Many platform beds come with multiple shelves underneath.

Open shelves are great to place little decorations as well as to keep the book you are reading.

Simple white open shelves give more highlights to your goods. You can use them to display aromatic candles, books, mini plants, and figurines.

A platform bed is flexible to use since you can use it as a storage space too.

This platform bed has a high shelving unit. It lifts you high above the floor and gives more storage space than many similar furniture items.

Adding shelves on top of a bedside table will give extra rooms for storage.

If a bedside drawer is too plain, choose the model that has a shelving unit. This drawer has a lot of places to store and display your stuff.

Use box shelves as an alternative bedside table. It functional and looks artistic

This bedroom has two unique bedside storage units. The first one is low box shelves that give a contemporary vibe. The other one is a “swing” rack, which consists of two ropes and simple board.

If you have a bunk bed, place a ladder which functions as a bookshelf too.

Attaching storage shelves on a bunk bed structure is a popular storage idea. This bunk bed has a thick ladder structure. The inside is big enough to place a shelving unit, which stores quite a lot of books.

A long line of drawers for huge storage space and a mattress on top of it makes a great platform bed.

This bedroom has a unique “L” design for its storage unit. A tall closet stands on the side, facing a horizontal drawer unit. A mattress was placed on top of the drawer, making it function as a bed platform.

Hang your clothes in an open hanging rack by your bed if you have smaller space.

Having a metal hanging bar like the one at the clothing store is a great idea. It takes only a little place, and you can hang shirts and dresses there.

A combination of drawer and platform give your bedroom a more neat and simple look.

This wooden platform has several simple drawers, with a huge capacity that allows you to store a lot of personal things. A tall closet adorns the end of the platform.

Put your bed on top of your cupboard to create a bunk bed. Then, put a sofa doubled with drawer in the remaining space under the bunk bed.

Make a bunk set by holding a mattress high with a tall closet (use a wooden platform attached to the wall). Push a sofa underneath to create the bottom part of the bunk. The closet gives you close access to your clothes or books.

For you who love simple furniture, use floating shelves instead of a bedside table.

Replace a bedside table with floating shelves to increase the floor space. They help you with displaying decorations and personal stuff near the bed.

Unique and simple furniture for those with minimalist soul.

This ingenious storage set has a ladder-style design that accommodates a drawer, a shoe rack, two organizers, and a hanger bar. The design does not take up much space inside the room, making it a perfect setting for a small bedroom or studio apartment.

Open rack and shelves make a good storage space for a small bedroom.

These open shelves have a metal bar constructed above it. The shelves have a high position above the floor, making access easier. You can place several organizer boxes to place smaller stuff.

A simple white bedside table looks beautiful with darker walls and floors.

This white, bedside table looks simple and unassuming. However, the whiteness creates a stark contrast with the grey wall. You can place a dark lamp (like in the picture) to create a modern, eye-catching look.

An open hanging rack makes great simple bedroom storage as well as decorations.

This metal hanging bar was combined with a vertical open rack. The construction looks slim and space efficient. You can hang the work clothes and small stuff to grab immediately, like keys, wallets, and hats.

Bed with bookcase by the headboard makes it easier to grab a book to read before bed.

Place a tall bookshelf next to your bed, and let it become the part of your headboard. The effect is better if you have a tall headboard.

There are many ways to make your simple bedroom storage looks more interesting. Incorporate different coloring and structure will give a character to your bedroom.

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