20 Tips You Have Never Thought Before: How to Organize Your Books into a Simple Book Storage

Many people don’t have the luxury of having some storages to put their books on. Most of the time, we donate our old books once we get the new ones to reduce the spaces. For those the bookworms, getting rid of their books is not easy at all. Well, this sounds familiar. So, for each of you who ever been dreaming to have your enormous library, here are some tips for organizing your books in simple book storage without having them thrown away.

Mix the book with decoration to create a multi-layered look

Use a decorated plastic made bookcase to make a cute display

If you want something more characterful, create a design accent bookshelf

A leaning bookcase is the best choice for limited spaces

Group the books you haven’t read in a box at the bottom of the shelf

The spaces under the tea set make a great match and keep the books closer to hand

Use the bookends to keep them tidy and tiny

Separate the books according to their genres and put decorative plants to make a relaxing look

Create a floating bookcase on the walls

Organize the children’s books by making your wooden bookend

Designed cube shelving will be gorgeous and can function as the divider

Combine putting books with stationaries and organize them according to their heights

A designed bookend along with the alarm clock will be perfect to be put on the desk

Metal mesh storage is a good choice to add some industrial vibes to your book corner

Floating Scandinavian style will be helping to reduce spaces

A bright colour bookend with storage and divider can help not only to organize books but also to restore your mood

Another Scandi-style but leaning bookshelf can multiply the storage and save some spaces

Contemporary cube shelves to put the children’s books along with the toys

An edgy floating rack to make you easier find the book cover

Choose the bookshelves that also can function as a tranquil table

So, when it comes to how your favorite books should be arranged, limited space does not always mean limited books. You can try one of these creative ideas or start to make your own simple book storage!

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