16+ Creative Simple Kitchen Storage for Small Space

Even if you are a person with simple taste, having a kitchen means storing a lot of things in it. Smart and efficient kitchen storage ideas will make your daily life easier, especially if you cook a lot. Many kitchen storage designs combine function and decorative elements. Get your inspiration from these 20 storage ideas.


Put your herbs and condiments in a zipped bag, hang it outside your refrigerator door using magnets.

Make your herbs more accessible by placing them in bags and attaching them to the fridge. Use Ziploc bags to keep them fresh and your favorite fridge magnets to stick them.

Create a simple shelf by the kitchen window, and use it to keep your mugs, bowls, or plate.

Keep your bowls, cups, and cutlery on simple floating shelves. Dark wooden boards make the shelves look more prominent in the kitchen. Install them next to a window or above the sink.

Keep your wine, jars of seeds, or bowls and plates on a shelf over the counter.

Use the empty spaces above your wall cabinets for additional shelves. Place things you seldom use but still need, such as fancy bowls, cake jars, and wine racks.

Get a small tin bucket to keep your cutlery. Label them to make it more interesting.

Get several small buckets and wire metal baskets as the extra storage places. Decorate them with fancy labels. The labels make these containers interesting and help you find everything you need.

Do you have a mall kitchen counter? Easy. Hang everything over your kitchen counter.

If you don’t have wall cabinets, arrange your kitchen appliances on the shelves above the counter. Create symmetrical shelves to make your storage spaces more beautiful.

Create a tall space for a rack in your kitchen counter to organize your cooking utensils.

You can install a pull-out rack in the narrow space between floor cabinets. This rack is available at online stores, but you can also make it yourself. It is great to store kitchen appliances like pots and pans.

Get a compact storage for spices and cutlery.

A compact storage box has maximized spaces to store as many things as possible. This compact box, for example, has enclosed compartments for spices and top organizers for utensils and bottles.

Similar to image number 6, this one you utilize the tall space for bottles.

Another great function for a pull-out rack is to store bottles. If you worry about dropping or breaking glass bottles, this pull-out rack stores them in upright positions.

An open wooden shelf over the kitchen counter is perfect for neat and beautiful storage.

Use a pair of long planks to store as many things as possible. You can install them atop the counter for easier access. Adding a metal bar underneath will give you an extra place to store utensils or cups (use “S” hooks to hang them).

Opt for an open shelf like this image instead to make your kitchen feel less stuffy.

Save overhead space by replacing wall cabinets with open shelves. These five-row shelves provide vertical storage spaces for various kitchen objects. The wide planks allow you to store even tall pots and pans.

Arrange your dishes or silverware on a shelf as a decoration as well.

Turn simple shelves into decorative elements by storing ceramics and glassware. Pick the best glassware or ceramics you have. Arrange them neatly on the shelves for a nice aesthetic. Add ornamental elements like beautiful cups sets or patterned trays and plates.

Hang your kitchen utensils and spices for simple kitchen storage.

This individual box shelf stores more objects with organizers. The bottom part also has a hanger bar and several hooks. You can hang various objects underneath the shelf.

Hang your pans in a railing and herbs plants on a tin pot for easy access for fresh herbs.

Install two metal bars in your kitchen to hang kitchen utensils. You can hang mini metal buckets to plant herbs, such as basil and parsley.

Arrange your boxes of cereals or other packaged food in small baskets in the cupboard.

Keep your foods and snacks neat with organizer baskets. You can arrange the foods inside before shoving them into the cabinet. They keep your cereals, cookies, and canned foods in tidy conditions.

Keep your set of pans in the kitchen counter with pull-out storage for aesthetically pleasing storage.

Another variation of a vertical pull-out rack, these racks have more complicated mechanisms and shapes. You can store your pots and pans in style using these racks.

Put a metal rack on your kitchen cabinet’s door and store your condiments there.

Increase your cabinet’s storage capability by installing sleek metal racks behind the door. You can store a lot of products, from condiments to oils and dried herb bottles.

Use a space above your kitchen sink for storage or decoration.

Use the empty place above your sink for additional storage space. Install a mini cabinet and a simple shelf. Display some decorative items or photographs on the shelf while keeping the functional objects in the cabinet.

Put potatoes, onions, or sweet potatoes in the drawer to save space in the fridge.

This mesh metal drawer consists of three sections to store vegetables. You can store onions, potatoes, and tomatoes there for quicker access. Store something that you will constantly need here.

A set of shelves and hang-board will make for beautiful simple kitchen storage.

This storage area combines floating shelves with pegboards and several baskets. The pegboards provide useful hanging places of shelving unit supports. You can even hang an extra mini rack to store sauces and condiments.

Put a small table above your microwave and use it to store some condiments.

Your microwave has an unused space above it. Utilize the space by installing a wooden “table” slightly above the microwave. Use it to store condiments, herbs, and other kitchen products.

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean that it can’t be beautiful. Hopefully, the 20 ideas of simple kitchen storage above can inspire you to create an effective and beautiful kitchen space.

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