20 Best Ideas to Arrange a Simple Shoes Storage for Your Lovely Shoes

Life is so much easier when you can organize things like Marie Kondo, especially for your shoes! Keep the shoes clean and put them into tidy and simple shoes storage is very important.
It will be a nightmare for the shoe lovers if you only have limited space to put them on. If you ever find yourself having to purge your shoe collection every time you get a new one, these super creative tips will help you to organize your shoes in a ‘shoe nirvana’:

1. Put your shoes off the floor and line them up nicely in a high multi-storey cabinet

2.  Short your shoes into a category, sneakers are put with sneakers, and so on

3. Stacked them pairs in the cabinet

4. Use a wooden rack

5. Salvage a small cupboard to put them hidden

6. Assess whether you need to put them in separated shoe lockers or not

7. Put the shoes on a small ladder along with the bag

8. Utilize an easily found plastic made multi-storey cabinet

9. Turn your long bench into shoes storage where you can put them under

10. Create a shelve in the corner of the room to put your shoes inside

11. Make a floating shoe rack inside your closet

12. Seize unused storage behind your door

13. Built-in shelves will be helpful

14. An old school rack will be suitable for slip-on and heels on the top

15. Make your own wooden cabinet

16. Grandma’s antique rack will be worth to try

17. Hang them on the slide-on door to create a nice shoe display

18. Stainless steel rack might stay longer than the wooden ones

19. Clear out the books in the bookcase and turn it into the shoe-case

20. Turn the unused woods into a perfect fit shoe rack

Now, never leave your shoes lying around!

First thing first, clean your shoes before storing them. Then, pick one of these creative ideas to put them into simple shoes storage.

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